Thursday, November 14, 2013

Video demonstration of Peloton 5.5

In the video link below I discuss and demonstrate my Peloton 5.5 model, using Netlogo.  The model includes a few refinements over the version I presented in my recently published paper [1]. In that paper I apply my “peloton convergence ratio" (PCR) equation and examine peloton phase changes as a function of fractions of PCR. In that paper I also incorporate a “passing principle” whereby I suggest that when there is a significant power output differential between front and drafting riders, it is inevitable that drafting riders with greater relative energy stores will pass those ahead, but this passing capacity falls as riders approach maximal sustainable outputs.
          In Peloton 5.5 I break down PCR into its constituent elements: a fixed power output for a front non-drafting rider, a variable drafting rate -- which returns a correspondingly reduced power output for drafting riders relative to a riders in front positions -- and a variable MSO (“maximal sustainable output”).  I set an arbitrary output for the front rider, and allow the other variables to be adjusted returning a PCR that describes the output relationships between the front and the following riders.  
        With this I demonstrate two extreme peloton phases: the low-density stretched phase in which PCR approaches 1 in which little or no passing occurs, indicating that the power output of the following rider approaches her maximal sustainable output; a high density, high passing phase in which PCR is closer to zero. I then go on to show  mid-range of PCR in which we see oscillations between phase states as well as simultaneous occurrences of them.

In a subsequent post I hope to discuss a recent peloton model created by Erick Ratamero (University of Warwick), which he presented at a conference in September.  He, myself, and Ash Richardson (University of Victoria), are in the stages of preparing a collaborative paper in which we look at the data I've obtained from two track races at the recent B.C. track championships.

Trenchard, H. 2013 Peloton Phase Oscillations. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals: the interdisciplinary journal of Nonlinear Science, and Nonequilibrium and Complex Phenomena, pp. 194-201

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