Sunday, July 20, 2014

short addendum to "Peloton Sorting" post

I've ironed out a small problem that revealed itself in the PCR graphs in the last post.  There were some anomalous downward spikes in PCR values which indicated a problem. I've located the source of that problem, and can show that this has been fixed. 

Below are two updated samples to show this. Both graphs show mean PCR values in black, and a random cyclist in green. I've manually varied power-output factors at random times. 

In the top one, the sample cyclist exhibits values above the mean, which means that he/she is weaker than the mean (higher PCR means cyclist approaches threshold); while the second shows the sample cyclist PCR values generally below the mean. The troubling downward spikes are eliminated.  There is no concern that PCR values show >1, as these represent the effective values at the speed (or grade, wind-speed) selected. 

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